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Gutter Replacements

Gutter Replacements and Maintenance Tips


One part of the roofing system that is woefully overlooked and under-appreciated and cared for is the gutter system. While most homeowners know what the gutters do, they do not fully understand their importance. When a gutter gets clogged and cannot drain away rain water that water can back up on the roof. This ponding of water can lead to leaks as the water sits and works its way under shingles and into the roofing system. Standing water can also lead to decay as the shingles and underlying wood components can soak up the water and begin to rot and decay. All it takes to avoid this is to keep the gutters cleared and in good working order. That’s My Roofer can keep an eye on your gutters and keep them in good shape while maintaining your roofing system so just be sure to ask!

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